延遲回響效果示範 Delay FX Practice 使用壓縮器去控制音量 Using Compressor to Control Volume 使用合成器・簡易音色設計 Basic Sound Design using Synthesizer 「通」過濾器 Volcano 3 效果測試 Plugin Testing – FabFilter Volcano 3 把玩 – 琵琶 Just for Fun – Pipa 用EQ提升鋼琴音色 Using EQ to Enhance Piano Sound

Vocal Mixing – “Lucky Day Free · Recording”「幸運兒免費・Vocanimals 錄歌」May 2021

According to our “Lucky Day Free · Vocanimals Recording” May 2021, the last recording of Mr. Lao’s cover song has just been processed, so we simply share the vocal mixing process here! Your opinions are welcome and let’s discuss. Enjoy! 承接上一次「幸運兒免費・Vocanimals 錄歌」,本次幸運兒劉先生的錄音剛處理完成,索性直接將人聲Mixing過程同大家分享一下吧!如有興趣也可以提出意見一起討論。請慢用! 00:25 – Eqing 平衡 04:04 – Compressing 壓縮 05:40 – De-essing 除刺 06:25 …

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AI Music Composing?

Do you know what is the meaning of music for human? Hitting bowls and pots? Blowing pipes and bottles? Or AI and computers??Do you think our music in the future will only be generated by AI but not composers anymore?There are some AI music composing approaches available for the public these years. And it seems …

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