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Hi, Welcome to vocanimals.com!

We have just renewed our website. Now it is nicer being viewed in mobile devices.

For better browsing experience, you may use your browser’s translate function to translate to your language.

If you are looking for a better audio production house in Macau to help you with, Vocanimals Music is your best choice. We have been providing songs and music productions to our clients for 2 decades. All music is tailor-made to you without any copyright issues.
If there is any booking or questions, you can leave us a message in the contact form under the Contact page. Or drop us a call in our office hour.
If you want to check out our music works, there are some samples in our Projects page where you can find out some soundtracks collection and album references that we have produced.

Looking forward to seeing you soon! 😉

Vocanimals Music Co., Ltd.

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